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He Has Sewn Since He Was 13.

So Nothing Is A Challenge For Him!

- Vesterbro Bladet

When Birol was 13 years old, he was fascinated by his mentor in Istanbul Grand Bazaar. So when he came to Denmark in '97, Tailor Birol sat behind the sewing machine on Høje-Taastrup Boulevard.

Today, he run his own small tailor shop in Frederiksberg, where he has visitors of all kinds. From a Danish Elvis Presley fan to Instagram models.

Companies sewn for in the last 30 years:

Express Tailor in Frederiksberg Swears To Fix Your Clothes So That They Look New Again. Or you get all your money back.

Can you relate to this? You throw out your good bag or another piece of favorite clothing just because the stitching has gone up or the zipper has broken? As long as there is a thread with a color similar to it, the project is no challenge. Let's save your clothes so you can use them again.

Leather Jackets

  • All types of leather

    • Sleeves shortened with cuff | 400 kr

    • Sleeves shortened without cuff | 250 kr

    • Have anything else in mind? Call us here


  • All types of textiles

  • Shortened without lining | 150 kr

  • Shortened with lining | 200 kr

  • Sides in/out | 150 kr/200 kr

  • New zipper | 175 kr


  • Have anything else in mind? Call us here

  • Special projects

  • Ask the tailor for special projects

  • Upholstery for sofas and chairs

  • Curtains

  • Brides

  • Fur

  • Design from scratch.

  • Pants

  • Jeans or chinos  - All types of pants

    • Laying up | 125 kr

    • With side band | 150 kr

    • Jeans Laying up| 150 kr

    • Thighs  | 200 kr

    • Waist in/out | 200 kr

    • New zipper | 175 kr

    • Cover Knees pr piece | 100 kr

    • Have anything else in mind? Call us here

    Shirts / Blouses

  • T-shirts and other outerwear incl.

  • Laying up| 150 kr

  • Sleeves shortened with cuff

    | 200 kr

  • Sides in/out | 200 kr

  • Elbow Cover| 100 kr


  • Have anything else in mind? Call us here

  • Jackets / Suits

  • Habits, blazers, winter jackets, down jackets, etc.

  • Sleeves shortened | 250 kr

  • Sleeves Shortened with buttons | 300 kr

  • Shoulder | 450 kr

  • Sides in/out | 300 kr

  • Laying up | 300 kr

  • New zipper | 350 kr

  • New lining | 900 kr

  • Have anything else in mind? Call us here

  • What do customers say?


    "Extremely good service! There is nothing that is too difficult or challenging to fix. I have come up with perforated and threaded clothes that I never thought would see the light again. Fixed on the same day. Thank you! "

    Emma Klöcker-Gatzwiller 


    “Really nice craftsmanship and good service. My jacket looks like new, so now I can use it for many more years. "

    Nikolaj Lisberg Hansen


    ”I had a broken jacket. The owner fixed it in no time. Provides professionally. Definitely recommend Tailor Birol ”

    Sameer Hasan Mahmood


    I can warmly recommend Tailor Birol. Friendly service and most importantly ..... a very professional piece of tailoring. Got the sleeves laid up on my new leather blazer and the result is so nice.

    Bettina Balleby

    Some of the brands we sew and dryclean on a daily basis:

    You Only Pay For Results

    For over 30 years, the tailor has complied with everything the customer has agreed with him. And they have been happy with the results. If you get your clothes repaired / tailored with us, take it home, try it for 7 days.

    Should it happen that you are not satisfied with the result, we will do our best until you are. Otherwise, we offer a satisfaction guarantee - both on cleaning and tailoring service - where you get all your money back (plus replacement of the clothes if it should happen).

    I do not want a few hundred kroner to get in the way of you and the results you wanted from the start. Therefore, I bear all the risks on my shoulders.

    Your clothes are in safe, experienced hands.

    "There is no need to throw out if you can save the world and your own resources to get clothes and things repaired. That's the background for Tailor Birol "


    Make a lasting impression with your clothes and style - Tailor Birol has your back

    You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Bring your clothes to our small tailor shop in Frederiksberg or click on the button below to talk to the tailor about what you have in mind.

    Do you have an idea, but can't explain it fully with words?

    Send us a picture of, what you have in your thoughts...